Weight Watchers

The weight watchers program was developed by Weight Watchers International. More than just offering a diet program, Weight Watchers offers a complete health program that promises to help people lose weight and keep the pounds off. The weight watchers program is one, if not the most popular weight loss program in the United States.

Under the weight watchers program, calorie intake is limited. The program requires counting 'points' or calories. A dieter is allowed a specific number of calories depending on his current weight and his weight loss goal. There are no banned or restricted food groups under the weight watchers program.

The weight watchers program is similar to the Slimming World program offered in the United Kingdom where group discussions and weight loss support are provided to dieters.

The advantages of the diet are:

  1. The support group can provide additional motivation for you to lose weight
  2. The program does not drastically lower your caloric intake. Diets are usually planned according to a healthy 2-pound per week weight loss

The disadvantages of the program include:

  1. Some dieters may focus too much on counting calories instead of eating healthy
  2. You can’t keep counting calories everyday of your life; you must be able to learn to eat healthy so that you can maintain a sensible and sustainable food plan for life