Slimming World

Slimming World is actually a company that offers weight management classes in the United Kingdom. Because classes are interactive and you have a “support group” that encourages you and helps you deal with weight loss issues, it is much easier to stick to the program.

The program has a diet called 'Food Optimizing' which involves limiting calorie intake. Under the program, foods that have very low calories are tagged as 'free foods' and dieters can consume as much as of these foods as they want. A dieter can also consume four small servings of some foods which contain higher calories but also have high nutritional value and contains essential vitamins or fiber. These healthy extras are milk, cheese, grains, bread, potatoes, dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

The dieter follows a program where days are marked as original day, green day or red day. 'Free foods' for the types of days varies. A Food Optimizing workbook is given to each participant so they can monitor their progress.

The diet has the following advantages:

  1. The restriction of calories will guarantee weight loss
  2. The program follows the dietary guidelines set by the UK government.

The disadvantage of the program is:

  1. Because the weight management classes are not free, this program is more expensive than other programs that you can try on your own