The Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet, at least the one officially being promoted by the Mayo clinic, is actually a health and lifestyle program that promises to help you maintain your ideal weight for life. The Mayo Clinic program combines healthy eating with regular exercise and a complete paradigm shift. It focuses on other aspects of your health and lifestyle apart from your food intake. The program is based on the Mayo Clinic’s clinical experience and research.

Although the program employs a holistic approach to health and weight management, the first step is still focused on making the right food choices so that you can achieve a healthy body. There are no restrictions to the kinds of food one can eat but the Mayo clinic provides a food pyramid that helps dieters consume the right amount of serving for every food group. The Mayo clinic diet recommends consumption of unlimited amounts of vegetables and fruits, 4-8 daily servings of carbohydrates, 3-7 daily servings of protein and dairy, 3-5 daily servings of fat, and up to 75 calories per day of sweets. The program also espouses increased physical activity and generally committing to a healthier lifestyle.

This diet has the following advantages:

  1. There is absolutely no restrictions on any of the food groups with the Mayo Clinic Diet
  2. The diet, when adapted successfully provides the body with sufficient nutritional values
  3. Allows dieters to maintain their ideal weight for life

The program has the following disadvantages:

  1. The total program like any other diet requires dedication
  2. The diet is difficult to follow for those who enjoy sweets, meats and dairy