The High Protein Diet

The high protein diet is usually recommended for athletes because protein is important in building skeletal muscles. Aside from building muscles, protein is an essential nutrient for the development of blood, skin, and the internal organs.

The diet has also been adapted by individuals who want to lose weight. Because high protein diets allow higher consumptions of protein and only limit the consumption of carbohydrates, dieters can partake in tasteful meals and usually do not have a hard time finding anything to eat from restaurant menus. This diet is appealing to those who enjoy their steaks and barbecues. The diet does not restrict the intake of animal-based proteins, even red meat, but to maintain a healthy heart dieters must find healthier sources of protein other than red meat. Other excellent alternatives to red meat are fish, shrimps, tofu and some vegetables. The diet also requires lowering the consumption of refined carbohydrates such as sugar, white bread and white rice.

Some of the benefits of the diet include:

  1. When you consume fewer carbohydrates your body becomes trained to have fewer cravings
  2. The program reduces hunger pangs and allows dieters to partake full meals

Criticisms against the diet include:

  1. Excessive consumptions of protein, especially animal protein increases a person’s risk to heart diseases, kidney diseases and other ailments.
  2. High protein diets present problems for the digestive system because of the high meat intake and the limited fiber in the diet