The Body Boost Diet

The body boost diet is a personalized program offered by iVillage. The program provides a personal food plan based on a dieter’s current weight and promotes physical activity as an essential factor in weight loss. The program uses different types of diets and is tailored to an individual’s need. Some of the diets which can be accessed through the website are: the Mediterranean diet, the GI Plan, or the Totals plan. Aside from personal meal plans, experts offer continuous support and advice to dieters through live chats over the Internet.

The company’s website uses tools such as the BMI calculator or the waist-to-hip calculator. Aside from these calculators, there is a system available online which allows you to measure your calorie intake for the day. It is called the 'Totals Plan'.

People choose this program for the following reasons:

  1. The fact that meal plans and fitness programs are personalized give this program an edge over other diet plans
  2. There is expert support and advice
  3. The company offers special promos and other added incentive and motivations

Like all the other diet programs that require you to pay fees, the disadvantage of this program is that it can be costly. If you lack the discipline or the self-motivation to follow the programs then you end up paying for nothing, although this is not the company’s fault.